The Gambia: President Barrow urges Gambian to work together as Gambia clocks 54

President Adama Barrow yesterday urged Gambians for their continuous patriotism to contribute meaningfully to nation building as the Gambia clocked 54 years after the independence .

Mr. Barrow was speaking during the independence anniversary at McCarthy Square in Banjul on 18 -02 – 2019 .

“The underlying objective is for all citizens to engage in nation building as a united force. This is the environment that my government has now created for Gambians.

“As patriots and good citizens, I urge you to build on these gains and allow the nation to develop.

“To be patriotic citizens contributing effectively to nation building, it is vital to undertake or engage in independent, critical and constructive thought and action, grounded in sincerity and honesty and the desire to improve living conditions in the country.

“The reclamation of our freedom should equip us to redefine nationhood and patriotism as genuine Gambian nationals. We must love our nation, and sacrifice in times of need and distress. To this end, we must redefine and embrace nationalism to give it a human character,” Mr. Barrow preached.

“This means rejecting all forms of socio-political and discrimination and extremism disguised as nationalism. However, he was quick to add that, ‘On the other hand, it is essential to develop a deep sense of belonging to our motherland, and commit ourselves to the ideals and values of the nation. We have proven that when we stand united in the cause of the nation, we can achieve a lot.”

The Gambian leader said the people of this nation should continue to demonstrate patriotic citizenship through constructive action and services.

He emphasised the need to unite as a people to harness individual and collective potentials.

He went on to highlight the number of successes his government has achieved; most notably the numerous commissions which he said are set up to “establish the truth, build the trust, ensure social cohesion and forge cooperation across all segments of Gambian society.”

“This is a period of fact-finding initiatives too; and engagement in national dialogue, reconciliation, reaching out, healing wounds and mending damages.”

“It is a period of constructive planning and building a solid foundation to ensure durable interventions and results for brighter future for all,” the president said.

Sources : The Point .

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