Senegal: Presidential elections on next Sunday 24 / 02 / 2019

The Senegalese presidential election is being held on Sunday (February 24th), with five candidates competing, including incumbent President Macki Sal, and his chances of winning a big one, especially as his mandate has been marked by economic growth. But calls by former president Abdullah Wade – who ousted his son Karim Wade from the presidential race – to boycott the poll, raise fears of influencing the results of the vote and his well-being in one of the least-threatened terrorist countries, though not completely absent.

The Senegalese Constitutional Court in late January published a list of five candidates competing for the presidential election, including incumbent President Macki Sall, but was named after two opposition leaders.

The Constitutional Court banned former Dakar mayor Khalifa Sal and former minister Karim Wade from running for their misuse of public funds and corruption. The court rejected appeals by the two excluded candidates, Wade and Khalifa.

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