The Gambia : Government launched $161 million solar project to end power shortage

The Gambia government and partners including World Bank, European Union and European Investment Bank on Monday 4/03/2019 launched $161 million solar project to end power shortage in the country.

The project according to Government officials will increase access to energy, ensure that education and health services benefit from reliable power. It will also help to address Gambia’s current power shortages and
increase energy supply in all regions of the Country

The hope is that it will also transform electricity access in rural communities through construction of a new photo-voltaic plant at Jambur in Kombo Central about 25 kilo meters away from the capital, Banjul.

“Investment in Gambia’s energy infrastructure is essential to improve economic opportunities and daily lives.”The Vice President of Gambia, Ousainou Darboe, in his official statement says: “the close cooperation between The Gambia and international donors will ensure that Gambia benefits from the most cutting-edge technical experience in the industry from around the world, and become a model for renewable energy for the rest of Africa.”

European Investment Bank, Vice President for energy, Andrew McDowell says: “connecting one of the largest solar power plants in West Africa to communities across Gambia will increase access to clean energy, create new economic opportunities and improve health and education for the future.”

Sources : Gambiana

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