Breaking News : The Gambia’s former President Sir Dawda Jawara received ( A Man of Every Season ) award

AKE-M Transformation Organisation, a non-profit organisation that promotes the importance of education, reading, writing, spelling and comprehension through spelling bees for lower basic schools in The Gambia on Saturday, 4 May, 2019 honoured Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, The Gambia’s first president by awarding him: A Man of Every Season.

The award was received on his behalf by Papa Faal during the national spelling bee held at Qcity. It was in appreciation of President Jawara’s commitment as an elderly statesman in laying the peace of this great nation – The Gambia.

Tunde Muyi Ogundimu, chief executive officer of TAKE-M Transformation Organisation, said it is important we appreciate and honour our legends when they are alive and not when they are dead.

In receiving the award, Mr. Faal described the award as very significant as Sir Dawda was at the forefront of the nation’s independence since its inception.

He added that so immense is the impact of former President Jawara’s efforts for the country not only from colonial days but to international recognition and development 

Sources : The Point

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