Lawyer Ousainou Darboe : I was not betrayed by President Barrow by removing me from the Office

Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, former vice president of The Gambia, now the leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) has clarified that people should not see it as a ‘betrayal’ his sacking from Adama Barrow government.

Darboe was speaking in an interview with Star FM Radio, where he was quizzed as to whether he sees his dismissal from the government as a betrayal.

He added that he has never agreed with President Barrow about anything or he is eyeing for a position. He pointed out that if Barrow gave him a position and removed him, then, he (Barrow) is exercising his executive powers and not a betrayal.

“I have never agreed with the president about something or for him to give me a position. So if he gives me a position and removed me, calling that betrayal is something that has no meaning and sense.”

He indicated that he knows that the constitution has empowered the president to appoint and sack anyone as a minister without giving any reason, noting that there was nothing agreed between them.

Responding to rumors that if President Adama Barrow forms his own political party, it will weaken or destroy UDP, Darboe responded that it is clear that UDP always remains stronger than before.

He noted that there were instances when some members who formed their own political party and others from the same UDP joined them, thinking that their disassociating with the UDP will weaken the party, only to realize that it only made the party stronger than before.

“Anyone from UDP can form their own political party or even join another political party. We at UDP will not be angry at anyone for doing that because it is their right to join any political party of their choice.

He affirmed that they will continue doing what they do so as to grow and have more fan base in the country.

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