The Gambia : Banjul City Council (BCC) secures over £3.157 million grant from E.U

Mrs. MRohey Malick Lowe The mayoress of Banjul City Council (BCC), has disclosed that her council has secured a grant of £3.157 million ( D195 million ) from the European Union .

Madam Lowe revealed that they have secured a grant of £150,000 from their counterpart city of Osten and BCC also contributed with £7,805.

She stated that the grant will be used within the next three years or else it will be revoked or cancel .

The help will cover facilitating the implementation of good governance in Banjul, enabling the creation of sustainable development center in Banjul she said.

She further narrated that the grant will also be used to support a more effective and environmentally friendly waste management, sustainable greening the city by utilizing local resources as well as to make health  care and hygienic practices more accessible and exploiting the potential medical plants.

Mr. Atila Lajos, E.U. ambassador to The Gambia, said that BCC is a winning team, adding there are hundreds of proposals prepared from cities in Africa and out of which, one of the very few that was selected for being supported which was less than a dozen was the proposal by BCC.

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