Breaking News : British Gibraltar rejects US request to detain Iranian oil tanker

United Kingdom : Gibraltar authorities on Sunday 18 / 08 / 2019 rejected a US request to seize an Iranian oil tanker before preparing to leave its territorial waters.
Under European law, British authorities in the Gibraltar region on Sunday rejected Washington’s request to seize an Iranian oil tanker that is preparing to leave its territorial waters and has already moved from its place but has not left Gibraltar.

The Gibraltar authorities have made clear US sanctions against Syria, on which Washington wants to seize the ship, is not applicable in the European Union.

In the meantime, the United States has made several requests to freeze the tanker, and the US Justice Department issued a request to detain the tanker under US sanctions on Iran.

“The EU sanctions regime is fundamentally different from that of the United States,” the statement said. In addition, European regimes “specifically prohibit the application of certain US laws,” including laws providing for sanctions against Iran, the statement said.

The Panama-flagged carrier was renamed Adrian Daria to continue its journey and raised the Iranian flag.

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“Under European law, Gibraltar cannot provide the assistance requested by the United States,” the Gibraltar authorities said in a statement. Washington wants to seize the tanker based on US sanctions on Iran.

Washington has asked the Gibraltar authorities to detain the ship on the grounds that it is carrying oil to Syria, prompting Iran to pledge in writing that the tanker will not go to Syria, and accordingly the authorities in Gibraltar asked the court to lift the seizure.

The Supreme Court of Gibraltar has so far extended the detention of the ship to 19 August.

By Kabiru Sagnia Chief Editor of Gambiatv2.

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