GMTV2 : G7 allocated $251 million to help women entrepreneurs in Africa

The Leaders of G7 Countries approved the package of $251 million to support Africa Development Bank’s initiative of supporting Africa Entrepreneur women .

According to the French president Macron press conference at g7 summit at Biarrtiz .He said that i am personally proud , as the current president of G7 for their support of African women entrepreneurs , through Africa Development Bank ( AFAWA initiative ).

AFFIRMATIVE FINANCE ACTION FOR WOMEN IN AFRICA ( AFAWA) initiative comes from an African Organizations , the Africa Development Bank , which works together with African Guarantee funds and a network of African Banks Mr. Macron added.

The AFAWA initiative , backed by the G7 Countries , is based on three fundamental principles .

To improve women’s access to financing through innovative and adopted financial instruments to support women entrepreneurs.

Is time for us to do something to get financial support from ourselves, instead of depending on western world , while we have 70% of the world natural resources in our continent , it’s very sad we cant use our own natural resources to develop our continent .

By Kabiru Sagnia Chief Editor of Gambiatv2 online Newspaper website.

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