The Gambia ( GMTV2 ): Darboe accusing Barrow of mastering dictator Jammeh’s book is misleading

The leader of United Democratic Party ( UDP ) Ousainou Darboe attack on Gambian leader Adama Barrow during his speech in front of his party supporters in Germany on Saturday 7 / 09 / 2019 , is misleading to people of The Gambia.

Mr. Darboe who worked under Barrow administration , as a minister of foreign affairs and vice president never knows that Barrow mastered Dictator Jammmeh’s book when he was working under Barrow’s Government.

Mr. Darbeo added that he is not sure that the new Gambia is real , just to remind you (Mr. Darboe) , if Jammeh is in power today in The Gambia only ALLAH knows where you will be today , so describing Barrow to Jammeh as same leaders in terms of dictatorship is just a character assassination in order to damage the good image of President Barrow , because you know that you can’t stop the power that President Barrow has in The Gambia .

Note : What goes around comes around , any thing you say or do to president Barrow if you became a President people will say and do the same things to you . I advice you to build a better future for your self if you want to be a president of The Gambia a good leader does not make false accusations.

By Kabiru Sagnia : Chief Editor of Gambiatv2 online Newspaper.

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