The Central Bank 17 / 09 / 2019 : The banking industry will not be affected by the recommendations of the Janneh Commission

The Gambia ( GMTV2 ) : The Central Bank of Gambia’s banking sector in the country, said the implementation of the recommendations of Janneh Commission will not adversely affect the strong financial situation of banks. It also stressed that the banking sector remains safe, sound and stable and that there is no cause to be worry .

Following is a press release issued by the Central Bank:

It should be noted that in July 2017, the Gambia Government established the Janneh Commission to look into the financial activities of former dictator Yahya Jammeh and his close associates. The findings and recommendations of the commission are contained in a nine-volume report released on Friday, 13 September 2019.

Volume 9 of the report commits the Gambian Central Bank to implement the recommendations relating to the banking sector. The implementation of these recommendations will not adversely affect banks’ strong financial position.

The Central Bank would like to inform the general public that the banking sector is well capitalized and adequately profitable.

The Bank assures the public and its customers in particular that their money is safe.

The banking sector remains safe, sound and stable. No reason to be worry. Customers are encouraged to continue their regular banking transactions as usual.

Sources : Central Bank of The Gambia .

By Kabiru Sagnia Chief Editor of ( Gambiatv2 Online Newspaper ) .

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