Vladimir Putin : Some African countries need help in countering terrorists and we will expand security cooperation with them

GAMBIA TV2 : Russian President Vladimir Putin said a number of African countries are in dire need of help in countering terrorists, stressing Russia’s determination to expand security cooperation with countries in the region.

“The armed forces and security services in a number of African countries are unable to confront the militants alone and need great help,” Putin said in an interview with TASS news agency published on Monday night, on the eve of the first Russian-African summit in Sochi.

In this context, Putin noted that Russia will continue to take an approach to expand cooperation with African countries in the fight against terrorism and address other security threats.

“We will continue to expand contacts between intelligence and security services in Russia and African countries in the fight against terrorism, organized crime, drug trafficking, money laundering, illegal immigration and piracy,” he said.

Cooperation in the area of ​​regional security is an important element of Russia’s relations with the African continent. “It is no coincidence that the motto of our summit is for peace, security and development. No progress can be made without solving these problems,” he said.

Putin said the situation in many African regions remained unstable, where several national and ethnic conflicts have not yet been settled, while severe political and socio-economic crises continue.

“The regions of North Africa, the Sahara, the Sahel, Lake Chad and the Horn of Africa are witnessing intensive activity of multiple terrorist organizations, between ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and Al-Shabab,” he said.

Sources : Russian News Agency (TASS).

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