Breaking News : The widow of the late Lt. Almamo Manneh accuses former interior minister Sonko of rape

THE GAMBIA ( GMTV2 ) Binta Jamba, a witness to the country’s Truth, Reconciliation and Compensation Commission, said on Wednesday 30 /10 / 2019 that the former interior minister had raped her more than 60 times.
In her witness in front of ( TRRC ) , Lt Almamo Manneh was reportedly killed on the orders of former dictator Yahya Jammeh by a team of soldiers led by Osman Sonko in January 2000.

Binta Jamba

The 51-year-old mother who now lives in North Carolina, the United States, said Osman began harassing her since he was commander of the State Guard until his appointment as interior minister.
Ms. Jamba recalled that Osman’s first attempt to rape her was in his office at the State House and Osman was carrying a pistol.

She said this was her horror. “He grabbed my hand and threw me on the bed… I decided to tighten my cover but found that he had his gun with him.

Jamba said Sonko imposed himself on her several times.

Fleeing from Sonko, Jamba said she had to flee the Gambia to the United States, where she now lives with her children.

Jamba has testified against Sonko in Switzerland where he faces war crimes charges.

By Kabiru Sagnia Cheif Editor of (Kabiru News Network / KNN ).

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