Breaking News :On behalf of (OIC) The Gambia files Rohingya genocide case against Myanmar at UN court

Banjul ( GMTV2 ) : The Gambia, on behalf of 57 member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), has filed a lawsuit at the International Court of Justice seeking to hold Myanmar accountable under international law for state-sponsored genocide against the known Muslim minority of Rohingya (minority Muslim population, known as the Rohingya).

The case also asks the court to order Myanmar to cease all acts of genocide, punish those responsible, including senior government officials and military officers, and provide compensation to the victims.

The lawsuit urgently requests that the Court order “interim measures” to immediately stop the conduct of the genocide in Myanmar, in order to prevent further harm to the Rohingya people during the case. The court is expected to hold oral hearings on the request next month.

The lawsuit alleges that Myanmar’s actions, which include murder, causing serious physical and mental damage, inflicting conditions calculated to cause physical destruction, imposing measures to prevent births and forced transfers, are genocide in nature because they aim to destroy the Rohingya group in whole or in part.

These genocides are widely documented through independent investigative efforts by UN experts and bodies, including the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission of the Human Rights Council of Myanmar, supported by international human rights organizations and other reliable sources.

By Kabiru Sagnia Chief Editor of ( GAMBIA TV2 )

Source: The Gambia Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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