Breaking – News :Kanifing Magistrates Court extends the detention 3 years Jotna leaders for illegal assembly and property destruction

Banjul ( GMTV2 ) Eight officials of the three-year Jotna movement, the banned movement, have been deprived of court custody and imprisoned in mile 2 prison, Yankuba Darboe and Abdou Njie and others appeared before the Kanifing Magistrates Court on Wednesday morning on charges of unlawful gathering And property destruction. They denied the accusations.
Supporters of the movement stormed into the court building, as they mobilized support for the detained officials of the movement. They called for the accused to be released.

Court papers filed in Kanifing Magistrates courts said that the defendants refused to disperse safely when the police asked them on the day of the protest. The prosecution said, led by police lawyer M.D Mballow The defendants destroyed their property during the bloody protest march.

The Three-Year Jotna Movement , a group that is pressuring President Barrow to resign and organize early elections.

Barrow came to power in December 2016 after defeating dictator Yahya Jammeh in disputed elections. Barrow won the election by promising the election campaign that he said that if he was elected to office, he would remain in power for three years. Since then he has kept his promise. Now he needs the constitution to prolong his rule. He said he was voted in favour of him for a five-year term, according to the constitution.


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