Islamic world :Muslim World League commends the Gambia Government for Rohingya case against Myanmar

Banjul ( GMTV2 ) : State House, Banjul, February 5, 2020 – His Excellency, President Adama Barrow on Wednesday, February 5, 2020, received a Special Envoy of the Muslim World League, led by its Secretary-General, Abdulqader Ahmed Abobaker Al-Mashhor at the State House in Banjul.

The delegation is in Banjul to convey the gratitude and appreciation of the League for The Gambia’s case against Myanmar at the International Court of Justice and for the significant step of obtaining provisional measures that will now save more Rohingya lives.

Speaking to the press after the audience, Mr. Almatter reiterates the League’s efforts to the peaceful resolution of the Rohingya case and other conflicts affecting Muslim countries around the world.

“We assure the President that we will stand by The Gambia in its efforts… that MWL as the leader in the Muslim world is concerned and committed to using all peaceful means to solve this problem,” he said, noting that they are prepared for the next steps in this endeavour.

The Envoy also expressed a strong desire by the MWL to work closely with the Government of The Gambia to assist the Rohingya in Myanmar, Bangladesh and the entire Muslim Umma in general.
The delegation, comprising Director General of International Relief Organisation, Mr. Abdulrahman Mohammed Almatter, were led to the State House by the Gambian Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the OIC, Omar Gibril Sallah.

Sources : Anna Camara Media Officer Office of The President Republic of The Gambia.

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